Nilgai meat hunt

  • Texas Hunt Lodge allows the opportunity to hunt and harvest the Trophy Nilgai Antelope you'll want to hang on your wall and fill your freezer. Year round, we offer hunts for awesome Trophy Nilgai, and they are World Record Class Nilgai. There are no seasonal restrictions on hunting the Nilgai in Texas, which makes it a suitable trophy year round.
*** 1 DAY MEAT HUNT Nilgai Cow - $2200.00 *** 1 DAY MEAT HUNT Scimitar Horned Oryx - $2200.00 Hunt Packages Include: - 1 Day of Hunting, Guide Service, Dressing of Game.

Pennsylvania Hunting preserve conveniently located in North Eastern PA Wayne County, just 2 hours from Manhattan. We offer a multitude of species to hunt, including, but not limited to Russian Boar, Texas Dall sheep, Barbados Ram, Corsican Ram, Fallow Deer, and Elk.

Nilgai is the Hindustani word for “blue cow,” which describes the blue-gray of adult bulls. (Cows are orange-brown.) The nilgai’s conformation, however, is more horselike than cowlike: it has a long neck with a short upright mane, a bony narrow head, a barrel-like chest, strong legs, and high withers sloping back to the croup.
  • Antlers/Capes/Meat: WSI does not ship meat. On some hunts, there may be an option to have carcass delivered to a local meat processor where meat can be fully processed and where the processor may offer shipping services, but those arrangement are strictly between client and processor at that point.
  • Sep 16, 2020 · Steven was eyeing on a Nilgai that was mature as he believed they had "more meat, bigger horns, and made a bigger rug for the living room." With this in mind, he started his hunt. While he managed to spot some Nilgai on his way, Steven knew it was not the right time to shoot their shot.
  • High Adventure Ranch offers meat processing for all elk hunts at the ranch. For more information or to book a hunt! 1-877-858-3481. E-Mail; Menu. About Us ...

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    AMR -Private Hunting Lodge Membership Packages and Rates -2020/2021 800.277.1647 Corporate Hunting Memberships Offered on Multiple Ranches totaling 25,000 plus acres of high fenced and low fenced acres separated into 7 locations near the towns of Brady, Caddo, Menard, Hunt, Christoval and Fort Mckavett, Texas with complete stand and feeder areas, most areas Fed year round with some acreage under

    Meat hunts are available for single hunters or small groups. Specials are offered from time to time so please check with us to see our current offers. Outside of our specials Axis doe hunts are $150 per day guide fee that will cover your party of 1 to 3 hunters and a harvest fee of $350 per doe.

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    We specialize in trophy free range big game hunting for desert mule deer, aoudad sheep, pronghorn antelope, elk and multiple exotic species in Texas, Old Mexico & New Mexico. Our long-standing reputation since 1994 capitalizes on producing trophy class animals with world class genetics on large 100% private ranches.

    For someone new at hunting Nilgai, the hardest lesson to learn is that they're just plain tough. A mature bull weighs 750 to 1000 lbs plus and this bulk should not be taken lightly. They have inch-thick, elastic like, hide that covers their shoulders and the hide will slip over a bullet's entrance hole - Nilgai don't leave blood trails often.

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    The hunting experience was very organized and was amazing. As a young 14 year old on my first hunt, it was an experience I will never forget and I cannot wait go back. I will definitely be returning and I would highly recommend the Three Amigos Ranch for anyone looking for a great hunting experience. - Rylie

    Nilgai hunting is one of the most challenging exotic trophy hunts we offer. Their meat is divine with a flavor milder than beef. Texas state testing panels have concluded that Nilgai meat is just as "tender and tasty" as red deer venison.

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    Hunt includes: Professional guide service (2X1), accommodations (Arctic Oven tent), all meals and beverages, use of equipment, trophy field care, and field care of trophy game meat. What to bring: See Planner tab, suggested gear list.

    Double T Outfitters offers Southwest Texas hunting adventures. We facilitate professional guide services, lodging, and fantastic meals while providing the best in Southwest Texas hunting. Our packages range from Trophy Texas Whitetail Deer, Exotics, Turkey, Dove, Quail, Hogs, Predators and more.

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    Texas hunts can have a lot of variety of animals to be hunted. Although hog hunts are our specialty, we offer guided hunting of our exotics. Package 5 is a great choice for an exotic texas hunt. Axis deer are beautiful and their meat quality is superb. Our Fallow deer are typically white colored and produce an antler, broad and shovel-shaped.

    We asked for a bespoke butchering class and dinner utilizing game we had taken on our Nilgai Antelope hunt. They blew us away with the dinner they prepared from 100% locally sourced ingredients. All of which they managed to execute flawlessly, working from a camp house kitchen they’d never laid eyes on, at a ranch a 4 hour drive from Austin.

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    Last week, during an unexpected (and appreciated) cool spell, I took advantage of the opportunity to cook up fifteen pounds of Nilgai rib meat, using my "Cook-All-Day" recipe. From meat that many hunters would toss out, I produced five delicious meals, right off the bat, and packaged up and froze several 1 ½ pound bags of succulent, cooked ...

    Incidentally, nilgai meat is excellent eating, which makes these hunts even more attractive. We can accommodate as many as 8 hunters on the East Ranch on a given hunt, and as many as 6 hunters at certain times from the Yturria camps, but we can also accommodate singles and small groups on either property.

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    Texas Super Exotics: Addax Antelope, Eland Antelope, Gemsbok, Pere David Deer, Nilgai Antelope, Watusi, Wildebeest, Zebra, and more. Trophy Super Exotics - Some Starting at $2500.00 each. Larger Super and Rare Exotics Priced upon Request.

    Doe & Hog Combo Hunt. Looking for meat? Venison is great tasting entrée that will stand out at your next meal! All inclusive up to a maximum of four hunters, two day hunts (bag limit is 2) Harvest a massive boar that will surely get your blood pumping! (bag limit is 1 per hunter) All inclusive up to a minimum of four hunters, two day hunts.

Hunting Leases. Welcome to our postings of available hunting leases in Texas. Below are annual and seasonal hunting leases all across Texas and we have included hunting leases in Mexico. We strive to keep our postings current but if you find a lease that is no longer available, please let us know so it can be removed.
Happy hunting buddies, 2018 Nilgai hunt winner Craig McCallum and his guest, Paul Paleracio. Nilgai can weigh up to 700 lbs., stand 4'5" at shoulder and be up to 6.6 ft long. Nilgai are challenging to hunt, they have good eyesight, hearing and sense of smell and spook easily.
Plus we had to get the meat to the processor before we could get on the road. Next morning we had breakfast. We then loaded up Petes truck with about 500 lb of quartered Oryx and Nilgai. While were loading up the meat the lease holder we had meet the night before came driving back in to camp with a nice 8 pt "management" buck.
Kudu POR. Nilgai Bull POR. Nilgai Cow POR. Scimitar Horned Oryx POR. Give us a call. 214-686-1911. A great area to hunt. BTR is located 80 miles northwest of Ft. Worth just north of Graham, Texas, near the small town of Loving. Far enough to feel like you’re really getting away from the city and still easily accessible.